Besides being the industry’s leading platform,aggfurex is also the world’s leading affiliate site. The reason for our success is that our affiliates understand that aggfurex strives to make every trader a successful trader and knows that our success depends on our traders’ success. At aggfurex we take our affiliates very seriously and strive to bring them the best creative, designed emails, newsletters, videos, and more! There are an immense amount of traders who start trading with aggfurex because they saw an affiliate site and understood that the affiliate had the knowledge and tools to confidently discuss and aggfurex.

What Do You Offer To Affiliates?

aggfurex has created an attractive affiliate package for all of our affiliates, regardless of how long they have been affiliated withaggfurex.

In addition to the lifetime cookie, you will have access to a creative library that is second-to-none. With banners, designed emails, videos, a trader manual, landing pages, and more! As an affiliate you can customize the creative so you can track how effective the creative is on your site or in your network.

When you become an affiliate you will be paired with an affiliate manager who will analyze your site and assist you in creating a marketing plan that will be calibrated for your site and your needs.  If, as an affiliate, your site’s then leans towards forex, our affiliate managers can help create a campaign that is geared more towards your site’s theme. This flexibility is one of the reasons that aggfurex’s affiliate program is so successful, for we have the creative diversity to allow our affiliates to focus their campaign on a theme that’s right for their site and not vice versa.

Our affiliate marketing tools allow you as the affiliate to profit with minimal effort while also adding quality content and graphics to your site. No matter how big or small your site might be, offer your visitors a quality platform that can earn them extra income on the global markets. When you register for aggfurex’s affiliate site, you are registering not only for a way to earn extra income but you’re registering to give your visitors the leading  platform that can finally provide them with the extra income they desire.

By now you’re probably asking yourself, what’s the best way for me to register for this Affiliate Marketing program?

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