Trading Competition

Trading Competition

Listed below are the terms and conditions under which a client who has completed the Account Opening Application via (“our website”) and has been accepted by us as a client (“Client” or “you”) and has fulfilled the Minimum Trading Requirement (as defined below) may participate in the Binary Option trading Competition of Rodeler Limited (“Rodeler”, “we”, “us” or “our”) in accordance with the these terms and conditions (the “Competition”).

This Competition is subject to the additional terms of use presented on our website, including the Legal Terms & Conditions and the Bonus Terms & Conditions (the “Additional Terms“). The Additional Terms form an integral part of these terms and conditions. For more information on how to become our client, please refer to

If you have any questions regarding this Competition, please contact

  1. The Competition starts on 1 March 2017 at 08:00 AM and ends on 31 March, 2017 at 23:59 PM or at any prior date of our choosing (the “Competition Period”). All times contained in these terms and conditions are in GMT time zone. The Competition covers only trades made during the Competition Period in the High Low/Short Term binary options arena. Trades made in the Boundary/One Touch/Stop Loss/Early Close arenas will not be considered as trades for the purposes of this Competition.
  2. During the Competition Period, each month we will conduct a monthly trading competition, starting on the first day of each month and ending on the last day of each month (each, a “Monthly Trading Competition“).
  3. Registration to participate in the Competition is free and automatic to Clients who have an existing valid account with us as of the commencement of the Monthly Trading Competition and meet the Minimum Trading Requirement (as defined below).
  4. You must make a deposit of at least US$ 1000 in a period of six (6) months prior the lapse of the Monthly Trading Competition you wish to participate in (the “Minimum Trading Requirement”) in order to be eligible to participate in that Monthly Trading Competition.
  5. The winner of the Monthly Trading Competition is the Client who executes the highest number of trades, irrespective if winning or losing trades, during the applicable month.
  6. The prizes for the Monthly Trading Competition are: the winner gets US$ 24,000 Cash Bonus; 2nd Place gets US$ 10,000 Cash Bonus; 3rd Place gets US$ 5,000 Cash Bonus; each of 4th – 10th Places gets US$ 500 Cash Bonus; and each of 11th – 15th Places gets US$ 250 Cash Bonus; (each prize, a “Cash Bonus“).
  7. The Competition leader-board updates on an hourly basis and the top results can be viewed on our website. You can also search for your current ranking if you do not appear in the top rankings.
  8. Winner of Cash Bonus will be announced on our website. The Cash Bonus must be redeemed within two weeks of receipt (the “Exercise Period“).
  9. The Cash Bonus will be disbursed to the Clients in accordance with the Additional Terms and it may not be transferred automatically to the winner’s account. The winner may have to accept additional relevant terms and conditions as set out in the Additional Terms in order to be eligible to claim his Cash Bonus. Failure to redeem the Cash Bonus during the Exercise Period will result in the forfeit of the Cash Bonus, and you will have no claim of any kind against Rodeler.
  10. Cash Bonus may not be exchanged for cash or other prizes or transferred to a third party.
  11. If a Client’s account has been closed or any amount withdrawn during a Monthly Trading Competition, such Client will not be eligible to participate in the Competition.
  12. Clients will be notified of this Competition through our website or by email.
  13. Your participation in the Competition is deemed to constitute your agreement that we may use your name, likeness or image for promotional purposes on our website or elsewhere without the requirement for any payment and you expressly waive any claims against us in this regard should you win the Bonus.
  14. We reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions and/or the Additional Rules at any time in our sole discretion and without prior notice.
  15. We reserve the right, at any time, to cancel, modify or suspend the Competition at any time in our sole discretion, and if, in our sole judgement; the Competition is not capable of being conducted as specified.
  16. We may restrict participation in this Competition to one for each household, computer terminal or mobile device.
  17. These terms and conditions and any matters relating hereto shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Cyprus and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Cypriot courts.


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